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Motivation Letter to join New Viet Gens Organization

Los Angeles, March 6th 2017

Dear New Viet Gens Team,

My name is Thoai Luu, I am from Vietnam and I am now studying Computer Science at Golden West College and my goal is applying to UC San Diego next year. I would like to join in New viet Gens Volunteer Team and here is my motivation letter.

“Only three minutes, three times, fight or lose,” My Teawondo chief coach always remind me this before any important competitions. I just had three chance to knock out my competitors, or I would lose the gold medals for the champions. Embarrassingly, I failed to win more often than not. However, fortunately that life is not like a Teawondo competition when we have hundreds and thousands of chances to take as long as we are willing to try. After about a gazillion times of failing. I am now more confident to say that willingness is my most value characteristics that I have learnt throughout my own life.

I would not be able to have progress in my life unless I was not willing. I was born in a working class family in Vietnam during a period of great national stress. Everyday my three sisters and I helped our parents to fix delivery tricycles, which was our main source of income at that time. I still remember the smell of rust preventive paint and old lubricants which was closely following me to school and to bed. After graduating from high school, I knew deep down that if I stayed at the same point of where I was, nothing would change; nothing could get better. For that reasons, I put all of my effort to build up my English and social skills in order to prepare for my new chances coming. Typically, I obtained 71 score on the TOEFL ibt Test and achieved the level A of Chinese Language. I also worked as a seasonal interpreter for Vietnam Football Federation and the Institute of International Education. At that time I did not know what would come next to my normal life but I did have passion and willingness to learn, to change, to improve myself, and to stand up after falling down. Finally, the chance came from my one of my far away cousins who would like to support and offer me an opportunity to study in the United States, and I was ready to take it. Now I am studying in the Golden West College and preparing myself for the next thing. As before, I do not know what will come, but I am always ready for anything.

Steve Jobs – CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios – is always one of my idol for inspiring me to pursue my dream and my future goal. Because of his willingness to drop out college , to sleep on the floor in his friend’s apartment, to return coke bottles for food, and so on.. Steve Jobs gain precious experiences contributing for his later success. Because of his willingness to believe in himself, to take risk and to face difficulties just for his passion, he is now the hero of the world development. Thanks to his willingness, I myself among billions of his followers – have learnt from him that the willingness is the beginning of everything including the future success.

As the common phrase goes, “ Where there is a will, there is a way” Because of strongly believing in my willingness able to change my life and to make my dream of helping my family and my country out of the poverty will become true, I have devoted my life to educate myself and to be independent as well as supporting of others and their dreams. I have a dream and I am willing to live for it.

I hope New Viet Gens Organization would give me a chance to join in the Volunteer Team and the meaningful activities of New Viet Gens to support our community and the next generation to pursue their dreams for our community public benefit.


Thoai Luu

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