About us

New Viet Gens is a young non-profit Organization which was established in 2015 in San Francisco. Our programs deliver the approach and environment for young and talented potential leader generation from Vietnam to gain their understanding of global issues and cultures as well as to exchange ideas, collaborate on solutions, and also build up the valuable relationships with other developed societies besides connecting other developed community to support for our charitable activities 

Our Vision: 

New Viet Gens Organization envisions a future for Vietnam and the world which can be characterized by mutual relationship, understanding, innovation, and inclusion, we also believe the path to realize its vision through more effective and connected public community and private global potential leadership.

Our Staff and Board of Director: 

Michelle Le  – President and Co Founder of New VietGens Inc

Thanh Gerigk – Vice President and Co Founder of New VietGens Inc

Mai Ferrero – Treasurer

Severin T. Gerigk – System Administration Manager

Lily Ho – Program Coordinator

Han Hoang Kirk – Program Coordinator

Phoenix Brown – Program Coordinator

Rebecca Lewis – Program Coordinator

Vi La – Program Coordinator