What we offer



Perspective candidates: senior students, post-graduate students, white-collars and professionals

Our current activities:

Based on your professional background, we will match you with our source of Non Profit Organizations all around USA to join in the volunteer team. During this Volunteer duration, Candidates will gain experience working skill and bring benefit for both themselves and for the USA Non-Profit for the public community benefit.

After the Volunteer duration is finished, Candidates will be sent back to their hometown, and use their valuable experience in USA to develop and support their hometown Non Profit and Volunteer Activities.

Locations: Flexible choices in The U.S, Canada and Australia

Duration: 6 or 12 months

Flexible start dates






We provide participants with deep insights in education, career and cultural exchange with a purpose to help them become prospective leaders in their major. Also, we look for a partnership with qualified educational organizations and professional individuals to help participants cultivate in-demand skills and leading-edge talent extends to your workforce.

Our current activities:

Organize programs and workshops / Group discussion

Mentor or host cultural exchange events

Connect cross-cultural communities to expand  social network

Conduct and mentor applied scientific researches and projects to support participants to gain deeper understanding and use source data to build up a new economic infrastructure, strategy for worldwide community.

Locations: Flexible choices in The U.S and Australia

Duration: 6-12 months




We provide the platform to connect donors and volunteers in worldwide communities to fulfill our charitable activities in underprivileged areas in Vietnam. Most of our efforts focus on education improvement and help poor students have chances to get fully educated.

In addition, we encourage donations from donors around the world as well as organize charity trips to Vietnam so that donors and volunteers can directly deliver their valuable giving out to the poor, concurrently enjoy tourism at the country.

Our current activities:

Gain finance support for scholarship, book and bicycle supply, even building school.

Encourage volunteers to give free classes or become temporary English teachers

Organize charity trips collaborated with local tour guides to provide donors/volunteers with unique experience